Our Celebrities

Bwatt Power women and Power men… We don’t “just” have celebrities on Bwattmagazine , we have inspiring creative people that has a story to tell.

They might or might not be in the new upcoming film/band/design but they are people that lived an extraordinary life in some sense and that we at BWatt sees as power people. They all somehow had to choose a different path than the ordinary one and make their own way to their happiness…All stories that we personally find really inspiring and that makes us feel alright about going out and into this world just to explore and find our own path to happiness as well.

Read about Kelly Osbourne and her journey in life , her ups and downs and the way she now learned to handle life …Bwatt #5



Dita Von teese , her way to success and the way she took hand of her own life and followed her dream despite it was not seen before…Bwatt #3

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Cassie, her hopes and dream for the future , her album and where she gets her inspiration from all in Bwatt #2




Helena Christensen , Supermodel of the 90’ties now an extremely creative woman making amazing photography read about her life right now in bwatt #4